Need help Using the Directory?

Listing Structure

The Directory is based around organisations and not individuals. The Directory will display the organisation a system leader is based. 

As well as searching for a school/organisation you can also search for individuals and different designation types (NLEs, NLGs etc).

Using Search

Go to the ‘Find Support’ menu (at the top of this page) and use the search box to search by designation or search for an organisation by name.

Enter a postcode, if you wish to search for support close to your location.  (this is not mandatory)

Additional Search Options : You can also search for an NLEs, NLGs by name, or search for an SLE by Specialism by accessing the search filters from the 'Find Support' menu above. 


Search Results

The results displayed by the system will be by grouped organisation, for example if you’ve searched for an NLE, the system will display the organisations listed in the Directory which have NLEs, with the details of their NLE contained in their listing (the screengrab below show's the full listing with the NLE details highlighted).

If you have included a postcode in your search, the results will show in distance order from the postcode you entered. 

Contact a System Leader

If you would like to contact the system leader via the organisation, click the 'Contact'  link.

In the next screen click 'Contact School/System Leader' 

Fill in the enquiry form (no system leader contact details are published on the portal).

Your enquiry will then be automatically routed through to the designated lead contact for the organisation, who will then reply to your enquiry.

Note: Requests for governance support (NLGs and LLGs) are handled centrally, to ensure the best match of individual skills to the request being made. If you know the name of the Leader of Governance you wish to work with, please state this in the free text part of the enquiry form.

How do I add my Organisation to the Directory?

If you'd like to find out how your organisation/system leaders can be added to directory, or simply require an update to your organisation's listing Click Here