Team South West

Team South West will be the interim regional forum through which collaborative and system-led school improvement will be co-ordinated across the academy and maintained system in the South West. 

Membership of Team South West includes stakeholders from across the system that will oversee, shape, steer and inform the Team SW regional delivery plan. The interim framework seeks to provide strategic coherence and clear structures to enable school leaders and system leaders to collaborate effectively in a self-improving system. The core goal being to improve outcomes at regional, school and classroom level.

Membership and representation:

Regional Education Partnership Boards REP Board Structure and Membership


 TSC  Tony Bloxham (Chair), Chrysta Garnett
 NCETM (Maths Strategy):   Annabelle Grose
 English Hub:   Pamela Waters
 SEND Representative:  Mark Collis
 LA:  Helean Hughes, Richard Hanks, Julia Coleman
 MAT CEO:  Dave Baker (NLE)
 RSC:  Hannah Woodhouse
 RDD:  Sally Viner
 Diocese:  Joy Tubbs
 Deprivation Strategy:   Suzanne Flack (NLE)
 NLG:  Julia Steward/Jackie Eason
 EEF:  Lorwyn Randall

Team South West developed a Strategic Plan for 18-19 to set out what partners across the region will do together to focus on our main priorities:

  • Develop leadership and governance at all levels of the school system
  • Improve outcomes in Maths across the region
  • Radically improve the outcomes of disadvantage pupils with a particular focus on early language development
  • Develop capacity and support for all schools for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Click here to read our plan.


Tony Bloxham (TSC SW National Council Representative) 
Chrysta Garnett (TSC SW Strategy Lead) 
Kelly Broome (TSC Central Administrator)